Welcome to dgrdo/BF!


You have reached the brainfuck code compiler part of dgrdo.

dgrdo is a simple online interface to dgtools, a complete toolchain for writing code for the Digirule 2 series of retro design computers.

The /bf section exposes the Brainfuck compiler through a very simple view that provides an editor for Brainfuck, a (read-only) view of the compiled Digirule Assembly code and the complete code trace. The trace shows the state of the CPU after executing each command..

This allows you to write Brainfuck programs that run on the Digirule without knowing any of its ASM instructions.

Το test and share Digirule ASM code directly, dgrdo also includes a typical section devoted to Assembly here.

How does it work?

  1. Use the top left editor to write Brainfuck code.
  2. Compile code by clicking "Go".
  3. When you are happy with the result, click on "Finalise and Share".
  4. Use the generated URL to share your Brainfuck project, download it and even allow others to extend it.

Projects stay live for 30 days from the day they were created (or extended).


  • Brainfuck is a language with 8 commands that operate over an array of integers:

    • > Move to the next element of the array
    • < Move to the previous element of the array
    • + Increase the value of the current element of the array by 1
    • - Decrease the value of the current element of the array by 1
    • . Sends current element of array to the Digirule LEDs
    • , Accepts a number from the keyboard and places it at the current element
    • [] If current element is not-zero execute the Brainfuck code within the enclosing []
  • Any character that is not one of ><+-.,[] is considered a comment.

  • For more information about Brainfuck you might want to see here and here.

And definitely checkout Codegolf Stackexchange for even more interesting programs in bf.


See here and here.


For more information about dgtools, please see here and also check the ASM section of dgrdo.org.